PTSD Counseling

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Nobody Should Face PTSD Alone

eHome Counseling Group has combined the best mental health counselors in the country with 24/7 technology to treat those impacted by post-traumatic stress completely virtually. The eHome PTSD treatment program removes the barriers many people face when seeking treatment, with minimal impact on work or family time, and the ability to have counseling sessions conveniently and confidentially on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

How Does It Work?

We are proud to offer an innovative, confidential, twelve-week treatment program for PTSD. Unlike residential programs that require you to leave work and home for weeks of intensive therapy, the eHome Counseling PTSD program can be done at your convenience and on your schedule. It includes:

  • Individual counseling and educational sessions by video with licensed, Masters level counselors specializing in trauma care
  • Metrics based treatment and tracking
  • Proprietary app, Tether®, with expert videos and proven exercises to reduce PTS symptoms and track improvement throughout treatment
  • Text check ins

Who Gets PTSD?

Most people think PTSD is primarily an issue for veterans. While significant in that population, there are many who have been impacted by traumatic events, including healthcare professionals, first responders, corrections officials and civilians. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused tremendous trauma magnified by social isolation, leading to a surge in the number of PTSD cases and the need for effective treatment.

What Are the Symptoms?

Symptoms of PTSD including reliving the event; avoiding situations that remind you of the event (triggers); negative changes in beliefs and feelings; and hyperarousal, a feeling of always being alert. This can lead to debilitating flashbacks, nightmares, avoidance, irritability, broken relationships, an inability to concentrate and difficulty sleeping. In addition, PTSD is often accompanied by depression, anxiety or substance abuse.

Can PTSD Be Successfully Treated?

eHome Counseling is an established leader in video counseling services, particularly for complex conditions. Our organization has treated thousands of clients, including veterans with severe PTSD. Each client is assessed prior to and throughout treatment to verify therapeutic effectiveness. Based on third-party analysis of eHome’s PTSD program, more than 80% of clients improved, often in as little as four weeks. Of those clients who improved, 60% reduced PTSD symptoms by more than 75%.

How Do I Find a Great Counselor?

A key factor for therapy success is high engagement between the client and counselor. eHome uses the Sixth Sense Counselor Engagement Model™ to select outstanding, “A-player,” licensed Masters level counselors and match them with clients. Counselors have extensive experience treating trauma clients, creating a bond between clients and therapists that results in positive outcomes and less than a 10% no-show rate, compared to 25%-40% for traditional counseling.

How Much Does It Cost?

The eHome PTSD program is affordable (often a fraction of the cost of other treatment programs, particularly residential programs) and doesn’t require clients to leave home for treatment or be located near a major city.

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