Deep Mind Insight


We dive deeper, delivering advanced results and positive patient outcomes.


Deep Mind Insight™ uses the M3 Checklist assessment to create a quantitative psychological report evaluating multiple mental health conditions for a client. The assessment is done prior to a client’s initial session to identify potential issues for validation by the counselor. The assessment is then redone throughout care to show treatment progression and completion. No other company offers measurement based care as thorough or quantitative as the eHome Deep Mind Insight program.

M3 Checklist

  • 27 questions completed online in a browser window in 5 minutes
  • Clinically validated indicator of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, substance misuse, functional impairment and suicidal tendency
  • Provides a single number, the M3 Score, that represents the likelihood of a clinically significant disorder
  • Easy to understand report of complete mental health condition

As part of the Deep Mind Insight program, eHome also uses other assessments as needed, such as the PHQ-9 for depression; GAD-7 for anxiety; PCL-5 for PTSD; NIDA and AUDIT for addiction; and Connor-Davidson for resilience.