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eHome Counseling Management Partners is based in Orlando, Florida.  The eHome Counseling family of businesses seeks to improve the quality of life for Americans suffering with a variety of life crises and help clients restore their lives and live again.

eHome Counseling Management Partners provides the only program in the industry with Deep Mind Insight™, an assessment program that quantitatively measures patient progress and counselor effectiveness. Our proprietary Sixth Sense Counselor Recruitment Model™ recruits and selects the highest quality counselors to ensure consistent, quality results. We also provide additional resources and support in as many ways as possible to families and clients, including the SOBER101® Resource Library subscriptions, which provides 24 videos and a library of informational materials in order to provide the greatest probability of long-term sobriety for clients while supporting  their families.

We work with:

  • Medical Practices – We can embed counselors in your practice to provide on-site counseling services and set appointments for video counseling.
  • Acute Care Hospitals – We can provide video counseling to your patients while they are inpatients at your hospital.
  • Insurance Companies – We have an agreement with the largest national behavioral care management company and can provide behavioral care for your members.
  • Worker’s Compensation -We save travel costs and can identify malingerers to save you money.
  • Correctional Facilities – We provide the safety and security of video counseling so inmates get the help they need. This service is also great for correctional facility staff.

eHome Behavioral Care is based in Orlando, FL and is a subsidiary company of eHome Counseling Management Partners, LLC. We provide the highest quality counseling services to match our technologically advanced care solution.

The addition of video and text counseling through eHome Behavioral Care allows us to dramatically improve both the counselor and client experience and attract the best counselors throughout the United States. The Sixth Sense™ performance model ensures quality counseling that exceeds client expectations.

eHome Counseling Management Partners has created multiple subsidiaries to serve different market segments. Markets and
subsidiaries include:

  • Active duty and retired First Responders with PTSD and related issues through eHome Heroes
  • Active duty military and veterans with PTSD and other service-related issues through eHome Military
  • Drug and alcohol addiction clients through eHome Aftercare
  • Medical practice clients with behavioral care needs through eHome Behavioral Care
  • Individual needs for consumers through eHome Counseling
  • Court-ordered online alcohol/drug addiction counseling and classes through eHome Court
  • Couples assessment and coaching through eHome Couples

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